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Sydney Ski Club is a most fortunate club having two lodges, one at each major resort in New South Wales, THREDBO and PERISHER.

Both Club's lodges are extremely well located. Perisher enjoys privacy and good views while being extremely close to, but hidden from, uphill transport (Pretty Valley Chairlift and the Interceptor Chairlift which provides access to the Blue Cow and Guthega resorts). The Thredbo Lodge is in a prime position on the floor of the valley, close to all amenities, directly behind the Apline Hotel at the base of the Kosciusko Express Chairlift. It has parking space available for 16 cars and is only a very short walk from the lift terminals.

Membership of the Sydney Ski Club provides guaranteed private accommodation in the snowfields well into this new century at prices cheaper than comparable commercial accommodation. The Club's policy of not going into significant debt means that our accommodation charges are not governed by interest rates and can be kept far lower than commercial rates.

The Club is able to offer accommodation for a total of 50 people (38 beds at Thredbo, 12 beds at Perisher). Although there are 450 Club members, there are at any time, of course, a considerable number who do not choose to use the Club's facilities. Accordingly, over a 10 week season, there is ample accommodation for all members and most get the week(s) of their choice.

Both the Club's lodges are available for booking during the summer months at lower rates than in peak season and, as summer activities are being increasingly catered for by the resorts, particularly Thredbo, this should prove attractive to more and more members.

The Club has remained at a membership level of around 450 members. There are categories for skiing members, juniors, non-skiing and a small number of honorary life members to whom this honour has been given in recognition of exceptional service to the Club.

The Club is constituted as a company limited by guarantee and is a non-profit organisation operating in the interests of its members, with the liability of the members under the Memorandum and Articles of Association being limited to $20.00 each in the event of a shortfall on winding up.

A Board of Directors administers the Club and is empowered to make rules from time to time, both as to the organisation and the running of the Club. The Club has an Annual General Meeting for the transaction of Club business and the election of the Board of Directors comprising a President, three Vice Presidents, an Honorary Treasurer, an Honorary Secretary and up to six Directors in accordance with the Memorandum and Articles of Association. That elected Board administers the Club throughout the year with the assistance of a part-time professional Company Secretary. Membership of the Board is, of course, open to all members.

As the Club is a non-profit organisation, the assets and income of the Club can only be applied to the purposes of the Club and, in the event of the Club ever winding up for any reason, the assets must be transferred to another similar organisation. The Constitution of the Club prohibits the payment of dividends to members. An Annual Report is published for members, together with newsletters as the occasion demands.